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Interestingly, so many people, so much of the time are so caught up with their various thoughts, ideas, beliefs, concepts, considerations, attitudes, feelings, emotions and so on.

And more-so about their judgements of their own and others thoughts, ideas, beliefs, concepts, considerations, attitudes, feelings, emotions and so on.

So much so that they’ve become so hypnotised, mesmorised, conditioned into certain behavioral pattens and programs, so often without even knowing so.

And with each conviction, they become more-so imprisoned, locked in bondage, held captive, in hostage, as a slave trying to prove that these judgements are categorically right, true, good, correct and even excellent or perfect.

Yet how much of these thoughts, ideas, beliefs, concepts, considerations, attitudes, feelings, emotions and  judgements that’s holding us captive are actually right, good, true and correct, or even excellent or perfect?

Or are they really just an interesting point of view, merely an opinion, a fictional, pretense, an excuse, artificial cover-up, make-up and so on?

And what if we were to be free from these convictions and if we could see them merely as just an interesting point of view. If we could, how could we be, what could we become and how could we show up?

If your interested there’s an opportunity to join me. join me with on on one counselling and/or a 1 day seminar and workshop.

At the upcoming ‘Summer-Solstice-Summit’ I’m presenting ‘Revelations’. We’re discussing the big 4 convictions most people hold around sex, money. religion and politics. Also let’s talk about our education, relationships, and so on. We can take so much as being gospel, take the facts, with absolute certainty as being the fixed truth, yet how much is really true?

Lets discuss these in more detail at this upcoming special ‘Summer-Solstice’ self-development and empowerment seminar.

This event is about gaining greater clarity – reviewing our thoughts, ideas, beliefs, attitudes and so on about the biggest issues in our life, and revealing what’s most relevant.

This special event comprises 2 main parts:

‘Revelations Seminar’ – 2 hour talk presenting ways of addressing todays main issues.

‘Recreational Breathing – 2 hour experiential breathing workshop

The 4 biggest issues for many today are; sex, money, religion and politics. These are the topics that’s said should never be discussed.

The ‘Recreational Breathing’ component is complimenting the seminar to assist in enhancing our awareness of the issues presented.

Our breath is know as the interface between our mind and body. Learn more about the power of the breath to help awaken, align, connect and transform mind-body … also to become more engaged and embracing with your physical, emotional wellbeing along with greater integration.

Also, as an added special bonus – a ‘Solstice Dynamic Meditation’

To book your place for the upcoming 1 day ‘Revelations’ Summer Solstice Summit’ – click here